Change your life by changing others’

There is a video playing in the room with images of people helping others. Sigur Ros is playing in the background and people in red t-shirts chat around about their last trip to South Sudan. You instantly feel part of something bigger and important.

Being the meeting in one of the back rooms of the Queen’s Gate Church is an even more unique detail that the team of Medair pulled out for their event in London.


The charity has several people working around the world to help others. Photo: Medair

Medair is a Christian humanitarian organisation that does relief work in the areas in most need around the world.

Few weeks ago, Kudos team had the opportunity to attend their recruitment event in South Kensington and get to know more about the work they do.

The night was filled with Medair staff sharing their stories about their times in Afghanistan, South Sudan, Haiti or volunteers working in the UK office sharing the work they do.

“People in greatest need should be helped first,” said Alex Day, the director of Medair UK.

Alex Day made reference to the charity’s strong believe in the Christian faith during his speech.

“If Jesus came back today, where would he start [helping]? My guess is that he would start with people who needed his help the most,” he said.

Places in the

Places in the world where Medair is helping. Photo: Medair

While drinking refreshments and eating snacks, the young audience was asking many different questions about Medair.

The relief charity is not the most well known in Europe, but its work has been changing many people’s lives around the world.

Just from chatting with people who returned recently from some of those countries in need, it is obvious how happy and rewarded they feel about the work they have been doing with Medair.

Although the visible tiredness, the volunteers shared their stories almost with tears in their eyes.

“As a Christian charity, it is important that our staff share the same faith and values,” said the director.

Miriam, one of the UK-based volunteers, talked to the Kudos team about the work that the team does.

According to Alex Day, what you get from this work is a great experience by helping people in the poorest countries in the entire world. You also get some money. If you decide to go abroad, you will get paid depending on your experience on your role, and the expenses are also paid, which includes food, accommodations, health checks and flights.

Anyone interested in applying to Medair can fill in the application in their website. The next application is due the 5th of July.

Jessica Fino