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The faint sound of music rang through the air as people arrived at Stratford station, large pink foam hands clashed with aluminous green safety jackets worn by the volunteers who were attempting to direct the masses of people trying to get to the event. Tight shorts, banana men and some of the craziest costumes you could imagine, thousands of people looking into the sky hoping the good old British rain will hold off until the evening, what else could it be but 2014 sports relief. This year’s event was at the idyllic Queen Elizabeth Olympic park on the 23rd of March where participants had the chance to either take part in the mile, swimathon or cycle event to raise money for Sports relief. Walking into the park there was five little white tents that hundreds of people of all different ages queued to register. It looked like a festival as people danced around and jumped on the spot to the energizing music blaring from the speakers surrounding the park.


Interviews from participants

Vermin 21, who was about to run 6 miles said, “I’m here today to raise money for charity, it’s a good cause and I get to run with my friends as well”.

As the event began participants were all ushered to the start line which consisted of a bright white sign with red writing saying “Start”. Enormous concert TV screens showed a map of where each mile would end, and then a video followed showing families and children who have been helped by the money raised. People squeezed along the side of the track masking the metal barriers that separated the people taking part and their friends and families. Suddenly the videos stopped and the countdown began to the start of the race, five, four, three, two, one everyone shouted then people began to move forward. People at the back jogged on the spot as they waited for a gap so they could move forward. Loud pop music started to blare out of large speakers all around the park. Suddenly the whole start line where people stood was completely empty as even the families of the participants rushed to the finish lines around the park.

The Mile was the largest of the sport relief events; however throughout the day around the whole of the UK people took part in the run to raise money which all goes towards the Comic relief fund. Not only a charity run good for rising money but it also good for your waistline, its something you can do with your friends and can be something to add to your CV as well. On the run up to comic relief there are so many events and fund raising opportunities you can get involved in.

Projects within the UK, how the money helps in your local area

Kirsty Reid, Press Officer for Comic Relief said, “More than a million men, women and children all over the country took part in the Sport Relief Games. The huge generosity of the public, with the fundraising total standing at a massive £53,370,743 so far.”


How the money raised helps


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