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One of the advantages of volunteering is giving back to your community and gaining an rewarding experience, that you will carry-out in the future.

Having a sense of purpose for volunteering is not only beneficial for yourself, but people that need your help.

Age UK is an independent charity, and a non-profit sector. Since 1985 they have taken-on 180-230 volunteers every season.

The advantages of volunteering for Age UK are learning new skills and gaining work experience.


According to Age UK, 1.6 million older people live in poverty, in these figures, 900,000 of these people live in severe poverty.

In 2012 and 2013, an income of £158.9 million was taken-in, which was a disappointing down-full in comparison to the previous year, leading to a fall of £8.8 million.

This was because of the costs of charitable activities, a fall in fundraising income from donations and legacies.

Age UK mostly rely on income from volunteering, retail and insurance and other commissions.

They strive for older people’s independence, privacy and dignity, informed choices, respect for their individuality, the chance to develop new skills and knowledge and finally, to have their views heard.

Here is a video of  Michael, speaking about volunteering for Age UK

Sandra Lackmaker, the receptionist for Age UK in Enfield said: “Age UK gave me some purpose. It also gave me something to do. I’ve been with them for 10 years.

“I get to help people, and it makes you feel worthwhile. I see clients and take phone calls, helping-out whatever they need. It makes me feel better about myself”.

Volunteers vary from all ages and can benefit in many ways; learning new skills, and helping-out the community.

Your volunteering role will ensure you are clear as to what is expected of you so if you are unsure, support and training will be offered if needed.

Volunteering does give you the warm rewarding feeling of helping others, and this experience is definitely rewarding.

The skills you learn here, you will be able to take with you to the future.

Having a set routine, and sticking to it, shows that you are reliable, ambitious and hard working.

As well as being able to give back to your community, you will have the chance to meet new people, including fellow volunteers, older people who are retired and have little.

Daniela Sanna, customer services organizer for Age UK in Enfield said: “We give volunteers a purpose to get up in the morning. Most of them are retired. The younger people are the ones looking for jobs.

“A lot of the younger volunteers bring skills, like using the computers.”


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Image from Age UK, of volunteer

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Stretch! Volunteers leading Age UK activities

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Where is your local Age UK?

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For more information, look at: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/enfield/


By Christianna Andrews