Small area, big ambitions

Edmonton may seem like a quiet forgotten area in North London, but little did you know, there is in-fact a lot to do.

Dancing, singing, and even performing, from Edmonton’s very own Christmas X Factor in Edmonton Green, to Edmonton’s answer to the West End; Millfield Theatre.

But the arts does not stop there, as students and volunteers at West Lea School even performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2012.

With 26.9 million viewers tuning into the opening ceremony, according to the BBC, but the choir not only sang to the national anthem, but did sign language too.

The volunteers had to ensure the students made it to rehearsals every week, in preparation for the big event. Chaos Choir still continues till this day.

One of the volunteers for the choir, Angela Kaycaby, who also works at West Lea as a teachers assistant, said: “We were asked to do the Olympic ceremony in 2012, by Danny Boyle, who starred in Slumdog Millionaire. He approached our school’s organizer, asking if we would like the choir to perform at the opening ceremony.

“We rehearsed with the children at Abby Road, with also other various different schools, with special needs. Since on, we have been invited to many different functions, like the Royal Albert Hall”.


Pictures taken at events and functions, including the Royal Albert Hall. The organization helps to raise deaf awareness

Since 1988..

Millfield theatre has brought, pantomimes, comedians, Christmas shows and Easter productions.

If you are looking to volunteer, and have an interest in the arts, then you will love the opportunity.

While you may be thinking about university in the future, it is time to start preparing; they love to see the hard work you put in and experience you have, so if you are looking to study drama or arts, this is perfect for you.


Guess who? Comedian Andy Abraham dropped-in at the theatre


But that is not all. What if you are already studying, or in the process of nearly leaving university? Well, career wise, you need to be ready to sell yourself to employers.

The theatre has depended on a lot of volunteers and still does to this day. Krystal Atherley, Millfield Theatre’s customer service supervisor, who deals with volunteers, said: “We take on volunteers from the age of 16years.

“The application process is based on if we are recruiting volunteers at the time of interest. We have roughly 50/60 volunteers at the moment.

“On recruiting new volunteers – we invite them in to have a look around the theatre and to answer any questions they may have about being a volunteer at Millfield, we also go through with them what the role entails. If they are happy we’ll then give them and application form to fill out and offer them an induction date”.


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.48.22

Map of Silver Street, marker is pointed at Millfield Theatre – created on Zee maps

Christianna Andrews