Welcome to the land of speedos

The sun may not have been shinning, but it definitely had not stopped these runners getting out of bed.

The best things in life are free, so with no membership and no costs, people of all ages meet on a Saturday morning to run round the whole of Pymmes Park.

Every Saturday morning, volunteers take the lead at 8:45am to run 5km around the park, for parkrun.

After a big group of picture, everyone had painted smiles on their faces as they were all about to run together.

Who needs the gym? That was the motto. There was no giving-up, considering the aim was to run round three times, or even power walk.

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30 year-old Susie Dutoit, who regularly takes part in parkrun and sometimes volunteers said: “I’ve been running with parkrun for a couple of years now. I’ve done over a 100 parkruns. I used to take my dog for a run on a Saturday morning. Then I started to come from the first parkrun now. I’ve been running for over 10 years”.

Where do they advertise?

“It’s on the website, and it’s free to enter. You just have to print-out your barcode, so when we finish the run here, they scan your bar code.  A few hours later it’ll come-up on your email and you can see how you have done. I’m doing the Brighton marathon tomorrow too”.


Susie Dutiot

Susie Dutiot; runner & volunteer

The non-profit organization, relies on mostly word of mouth being passed-on. Whether it’s to keep fit, or training for a marathon, many join for numerous reasons.

Sharon Arthur, one of the volunteers for parkrun said: “I came here as a volunteer. The idea was to run at some point but I just ended up continuing to volunteering.

“I’d seen local posters, but I actually volunteered at the Olympics. And once you finished that, they sent you a web list, and I just thought its in the local area, we don’t really have anything around here that is free, as an adult to do and they needed people to just help out and run. That’s the idea for parkrun.

“It was actually started in Bushy, about 12 or 14 years ago and it was literally there a few friends in the park that were running, and every week it just grew and grew”.

“Because there is so many in the area, you can just pick and choose”

Pymmes Park parkrun also had something to celebrate last month in April, their 3rd year anniversary.

The first parkrun at this park was on 9th April 2011, where ever since, it has taken place every week, without fail, so three years on, they are celebrating different achievements.



Check out, http://www.parkrun.org.uk/pymmes/ for more information

Christianna Andrews