Our generous nation


Britain is now one of the most generous countries in the world with 76 per cent of Brits donating to charity each month. Which means the UK is now the second most charitable country in the world for donating money.

The new figures were revealed after the Charities Aid Foundation released its annual World Giving Index survey which is the largest global survey published for charitable giving and volunteering. The data used is gathered from Gallup which surveys 135 countries and looks at three types of giving; the percentage of people who donate money, help a stranger or volunteer their time per month say the Charities Aid Foundation press release.



Emily Gorton Media relations executive at Charities Aid Foundation said, “We have seen growth worldwide, in all three of the behaviours which really show’s that people are becoming more generous as the economic climate improves. I think we have a lot of very public charity campaigns that go on through the year for all ages and I think its pushing us up to been a more generous nation when it comes to donating money.”


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Overall the United States topped the world rankings for the three different measures even though they came in seventh for donating money 77 per cent of Americans helped a stranger which was more than any other natation. This goes to show that there are many different ways of becoming more charitable, such as volunteering, even if you haven’t got that extra money to donate each month.

Emerson Tancioni 22, said, “Once a week I help out at my local leisure centre. I think volunteering is a such a good way to give back to the community, sometimes I even help with the youth club football team, which is great as I want to become a teacher, so now it’s even something I can add to my CV.



Volunteering figures have risen in the UK by 3 per cent since 2012. Since the recession and cut backs there are now many more volunteering options available to young people in UK. Charity organisations are always looking for people to help out even if it’s for a one off event. You can choose something that you enjoy, get experience, it is a great way to meet new people and it can also help you with your career opportunities.

The UK came in sixth place with all measures added together, which is two places up from the 2012 score when the UK ranked eighth place. It seems the UK has started to become a more generous nation with an extra 2 per cent rise in donating money and a staggering 9 per cent rise in people helping a stranger. No longer is it becoming strange to ask someone if they need help up the stairs with their suit cases or if someone drops their wallet to run after them to make sure they get it back. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s the little things that we do in life that can make a big difference.







By Penelope Castillo