Founder of XLP: “I’m really motivated by wanting to see change”

“CEO of @xlplondon, @artsxlp & @xlpmentoring, @xlpgapyear speaker, author, husband, dad of four wonderful kids, aim in life is to try and make a difference.” Patrick Regan’s Twitter bio does a good job… Continue reading

Teenage Cancer Trust Puts on a Week of Music and Comedy at the Royal Albert Hall

You wouldn’t think The Cure , Ed Sheeran and a group of comedians would have much in common.  But in the last week of March, they came together to perform at the iconic venue Royal Albert… Continue reading

Helping each other is on the rise

“A volunteer can be simply a good neighbour.” The author of this sentence is unknown, but recent statistics seem to agree. According to a Cabinet Office study, people prefer to volunteer within their… Continue reading

Enterprise Education: Path to a Brighter Future

There are a lot of cases where young and old, those who are less fortunate and physically obstructed think that they have an obstacle and cannot proceed into doing things those who aren’t… Continue reading

24 Hours of ’24 Photogprahy’

What does it take to do photography?  How often do you take photos? Whether it be selfies, random photos of our plates at restaurants or snaps taken of the city whilst out and… Continue reading

Spitalfields Farm: Why help?

Like nature and animals?  Spitalfields City Farm may be what is missing from your daily or even weekly routine!  Volunteers and those who cared for the wellbeing of animals and the gardens within… Continue reading

‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ the Future Cinema Way

  We’re stomping around, still freezing in a long line, but the show has already started outside Troxy in East London.  Several times we’re approached by “gangsters”, asking us whether or not we’ve… Continue reading

Green light at ‘The Blue’!

The mind charity shop for the blind in Bermondsey, south London is one of the most generous shops down ‘The blue’.  The elderly, and the young, a place where all members of the… Continue reading

Microvolunteering Projects Gives You the Opportunity to Volunteer From Your Sofa

For those who haven’t heard the term microvolunteering: it may be time to join the 21st century. Help From Home, a website dedicated to hooking people around the world up with microvolunteering opportunities,… Continue reading