Student Volunteers Take the Lead

New figures released by the National Union of Students (NUS) show that 31 per cent of students in higher education are volunteering. The survey also shows that students spend an average of 44 hours… Continue reading

Miguel Leitão: giving children a reason to smile again

In only ten minutes, Miguel transforms himself into Mikas, the clown. All he needs is some white powder, a brush and some ink, cool clothes and lots of energy. Miguel is apparently just a… Continue reading

Charity breaks age barriers with Sunday tea parties

Fancy a special Sunday tea while helping others? Contact the Elderly is a charity that brings people from different generations together, in order to combat loneliness. The charity has helped thousands of older… Continue reading

Change your life by changing others’

There is a video playing in the room with images of people helping others. Sigur Ros is playing in the background and people in red t-shirts chat around about their last trip to South… Continue reading

Affordable street couture made by design volunteers

The new FARA Workshop in Islington is the first shop where young design volunteers create new clothes from donated materials in-site. FARA Workshop is part of the FARA charity, which has 50 shops… Continue reading

Volunteer at LoveBox 2014

  Love music but don’t have the money to go to festivals? Here’s an opportunity to get involved in a huge event like LoveBox, meet new people and enjoy live music whilst being… Continue reading

The Adventure Travel Show 2014

  Walking into the ExCel Centre was like a travel and adventure junkie’s dream. Pictures cascaded on every stand of beautiful beaches with clear blue seas, snowy glaciers with a mountain climber dangling… Continue reading

The Incredible Adventure of Diogo Bhovan

With just 31 euros in his pocket, 19-year-old Diogo Bhovan packed his rucksack, kissed his mother goodbye, and set off on an epic journey to travel around Europe with a budget of only… Continue reading

Get the Most Out of Your Summer With Camp America

  Although we all look forward to our summer vacation, it’s sometimes hard deciding what the best thing to do is. The last thing you want is sitting around while all your friends… Continue reading